My Auction Software

Welcome to the Next Generation in Auction Software

  • Auction management software for live, simulcast and online-only auctions
  • Exclusive to your company, consignors and customers, or as a shared system*
  • Mobile bidding on multiple devices (iPad, iPhone, Android tablets and phones)

* Available as a standalone system with auctions exclusive to your company, consignors and customers; or as a multi-tenant system shared with other auction companies where each company retains exclusive access to its own consignors and bidders, but all auctions are available to all bidders.

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Complete consignment and auction management system includes:

  • Consignor self-serve portal
  • Commissions by price range and category
  • Batch imports for lots
  • Pickups, receiving and lotting
  • Inventory tracking
  • Auto image matching
  • Scanner tracking
  • Comprehensive auction setup
  • Multiple simultaneous auctions
  • Live video streaming
  • Real-time bidding without screen refresh
  • Auto settlements and invoicing
  • Online credit-card processing
  • Auto consignor accounting
  • Daily sales reports
  • Export to QuickBooks